Kmart 2017 Back to School Campaign

In efforts to create awareness and consumer engagement, I proposed this concept outside of the original scope. When creating the 2017 BTS campaign, I was focused on how to incorporate popular social channels. SnapChat® is one of the most used apps for social engagement.
Therefore, this is an application most consumers already have, or use. The idea was to gather brand interaction during the weeks students are going back to school. While in a Kmart store, consumers can submit their Snapchats applying the #schoolgoals geofilter. In addition to the media being added to a Kmart story, users can also upload there submissions to the Kmart Instagram page, where they have a chance to win giftcards. 




Shop Your Way & MTA Partnership

My service was requested during the partnership of the Shop Your Way® brand with New York's MTA service. Our task was to provide a impactful campaign that spelled out the programs benefits, while engaging members with relatable deals and awards. The idea is that once the consumer linked their credit card with Shop Your Way, then purchased MTA transit passes, they are rewarded with points. These points can be used to purchase anything on, and The more you ride, the more you can buy. 

As an additional reach, deals and offers can be pushed to MTA riders while in transit to their destination using geo tracking. For example, many riders will use music applications such as Pandora® or Spotify® while commuting. Shop Your Way can purchase commercial space to run ads that relate with everyday item needs the members can now purchase with their points. Items can be purchase directly from the mobile experience or on location at the nearest MTA stop. 

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