Sears Back-to-School Campaign

In a competition with three other outside ad agencies, my team was tasked with providing full mood boards, lock-up development, color palettes and ad examples for the 2015 Sear Back-to-School campaign. During the process, my concepts were chosen by Sears leadership to become fully developed with the campaign. The following weeks included further exploration of photography, graphical treatment and deployment though other channels. This lead into a fully developed style guide that set the tone for the entire campaign. As the lead designer, I provided initial concepts, final lockups, set design and the brand style guide. 

2015 Sears Back-to-School lockup

Rendered set design

Rendered set design

Final campaign image

Below are a few examples of digital lookbooks created for Sears apparel. In collaboration with our studio, impactful photography mixed with creative input were combined to showcase new trends and selects from the Sears apparel business unit. 

Kmart ToyBooks

The 2015 & 2016 Kmart Toy Books were a great example of how I worked in large teams. As one of the Sr. Designers on these projects, I was a crucial part of the conceptional and brainstorm execution. My team and I provided concept options for the cover and format creative for the inside spreads. It was then turned over to the production team for build out. 

Amazing!! This catalog is considered the best in the industry by Mattel and Hasbro
— Vice President, Kmart Storewide

Sears Wish Book


Seasonal Branding

Below are examples of a few Kmart seasonal style guides my team and I completed. These included exploration of lock-ups, color palettes, patterns, photography and brand execution. As a team, we determine brand strategy and gather inspiration for compelling and effective design.


Cross-format Shipping
Package Design


Kmart Pharmacy

As the design lead for Kmart Pharmacy I directed year-round campaign for a variety of channels. My team and I developed various
collateral for flu season, Medicare enrollment and many other programs. Our creative followed the current trends of the overall Kmart brand while pushing impactful design to distinguish the pharmacy business. 

Kenmore Awarness Campaign

In efforts to retain loyal customers, Kenmore requested a new campaign that spoke to the outlasting performance and history of their products.  We’ve taken powerful Kenmore appliances and placed them in the true natural environments where they belong. The result is a stark contrast between product and forces of nature. These far-reaching, global images lend the brand an intriguing edge that speaks to Kenmore products being so powerful, they belong in their own unexpected natural habitat.


Shop Your Way
Landing Page Redesign


Universal Studios Movie Ads



Sears Mobile Pit Crew
Logo Design & Vehicle Wrap

Vactor & Elgin Sweeper Ads





Bub It Promotional Video

This project was a collaboration with the Evoke Studio to create a unique experience. Bub had asked for a non traditional approach for their promotional content. First, a storyboard was created to influence that overall video and map out the movement of the characters. Then movable parts were created to allow for expressions and animations. This was all pieced together to create a few versions of the video shown below.